2021 Scarsdale Foundation Volunteer Honor Roll Challenge

Are You Looking for a Great Way to Help Others and Brighten Someone’s Day?Honor a Scarsdale Volunteer


Dear Scarsdale Community,

Throughout this pandemic, many of us have looked for opportunities to help others in need. Some have really stepped up and may or may not have been recognized. Here’s an easy way to make sure they get their due: Putting friends and neighbors on the Scarsdale Foundation’s Volunteer Honor Roll not only helps raise scholarship money for Scarsdale college kids who are having a tough time paying for school, it makes those being honored feel appreciated too!

Some local heroes whom you might recognize include:

  • Teenagers who arranged vaccination appointments or who shoveled snowy driveways for the elderly
  • Community volunteers who supply and work at food banks
  • Advocates who organized vigils to protect civil rights and protest racism
    Friends who picked up groceries for the homebound
  • Doctors who worked through Covid with and without proper PPE

For just $25 each, you can honor as many individuals as you’d like, and your donation is fully tax deductible. It’s easy to participate! Just follow the link to Honor a Scarsdale Volunteer. Every dollar raised will help provide need-based scholarships for Scarsdale’s college sophomores, juniors, and seniors. (As you may know, the SHS PTA Scholarship Fund raises money for students who need financial assistance with freshman year).

Honorees will be recognized with personalized e-certificates, on this website, and in local media. Repeat honorees will be informed each time they are named.

Participate in the honor roll challenge: The goal is to place more than 2,021 local heroes on the Honor Roll by the end of June. This is the only major fundraiser the Scarsdale Foundation will hold this year, so donations are critical to ensure that all our students can continue their studies. We hope to raise about $50,000 via the Honor Roll, which will be a significant chunk of the overall $250,000 in scholarship funds we aim to raise.

Mark Your Calendars: Although the 2021 Bowl Dinner will unfortunately not be held this spring, we will honor several years’ worth of extraordinary volunteers on April 28, 2022: last year’s Bowl winners, B.K. Munguia and Jon Mark, this year’s honoree, Michelle Lichtenberg, as well as the 2022 Scarsdale Bowl recipient.

As we emerge from what has been a difficult period, this is a great way to say thank you to all our unsung everyday heroes and make a difference at the same time. Shine on Scarsdale!

Randy Guggenheimer, Scarsdale Foundation President
Nancy Michaels, Scarsdale Foundation Bowl Committee Chair