Honor a Scarsdale Volunteer (2020)

Introducing the Scarsdale Foundation Volunteer Honor Roll

Recognize our community’s volunteers while helping the Scarsdale Foundation reach its college scholarship fund goal. For $25 each, add as many different names to our honor roll as you like. This tax-deductible donation will help ensure that Scarsdale students in need have a bright and shining future.

Scarsdale Foundation Volunteer Honor Roll members will be recognized:

  • With an official recognition certificate
  • On the Scarsdale Foundation Honor Roll Board (below)
  • In local papers and local online media
  • At the Scarsdale Foundation Bowl Dinner
Scarsdale Volunteer Honor Roll e-Certificate

Honor a Scarsdale Volunteer
Honor as many different individuals as you want by filling out volunteer’s name and email below, selecting “Add to Cart” button, and returning to add more before completing the PayPal checkout process.
$25 per Volunteer
Full Name of Scarsdale Volunteer for Honor Roll
Email Address of Scarsdale Volunteer for e-Certificate mailing