Planned Giving

The Scarsdale Foundation helps you support individuals in need and community organizations and initiatives that matter to you while maximizing your tax deduction.

“Most of us are accustomed to Scarsdale as a wealthy town. There’s a tendency, even among those who live here and should know better, to assume that everyone who lives in 10583 has enough assets and income to weather any personal or economic adversity.

“A glance at some of the letters the Scarsdale Foundation’s scholarship fund for the sophomore, junior, and senior years of college tells a different story. One student’s father died of cancer when the applicant was in his freshman year of college. Another’s father deserted her mother when she was a toddler. Still another grew up in his grandfather’s house with many brothers and sisters and again, an absent father. The applicants have loans, scholarships and jobs,¬†but they are still coming up short in this time of rising tuition and declining income.”

(Linda Leavitt, Scarsdale Inquirer)

Giving Options

  • College scholarship and award programs consistent with Internal Revenue Service regulations for community foundations
  • Contributions to the general endowment
  • Bequests to support existing funds or to establish a new fund
  • Donor-designated funds to support a special community or educational purpose or to support a particular agency or institution